Jasmine Reynolds


Tomorrow, Yesterday and Today!



Anything can happen tomorrow, is my last happy thought before I go to sleep every night.


Anything can happen today, is my first happy thought in the morning.


This is the never-ending cycle in my head, occasionally interspersed by something actually happening, leaving me with the hope that it wonít be the last time.


Until I met you.


Now my last and first thought, as I transit into a new day,  is that I want everything to stay just as it is.


Thatís why I know that I love you.




Yesterday stands on its own. There should always be a period behind this word. The fact that it is yesterday is the best thing about it. If yesterday was good, itís sad to say goodbye, but leaves us with hopes of similar days to come. We know that they exist. If yesterday was bad,


well - it was yesterday!




This is my thought on today. Grab it, hug it, love it, feel it and live it!

There should always be an exclamation mark after Today!


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