Josh Farris


A Game of Desire

My Chinese chess set gazes at me with mystery and transcedental desire.

Knowledge is a game and experience is an illusion. 

Capacity is the carpet ride and guts launches the adventure.


My Chinese chess set challenges me to seek knowledge and be patient.

The patience I lack and the repetition of mistakes costs me in every way imaginable.

To become more advanced, I must find a purpose in my moves.


My Chinese chess set celebrates beauty through carvings and fluidity.

Limitless rules that crown the achiever for attaining the most in the now.

He who glides with the cherry red dragon drops in on the perfect wave.


My Chinese chess set has molecules bouncing around.

If I stand in the panoramic view one more time and bounce shades of nothingness

                off of my hopeful soul, then I will simply continue what Iíve always done:

                a whole lot of nothing.

However, if I seize this new day with a sense of something calm, forbidden by those

                who I simply know are wrong, a move through the everything with the real

                me striding comfortablyóI will win.



Stress Sucks

The last shadow on the desert plane

My tie and business suit are sassy and recalcitrant in the desert wind

I sway and laugh like a madman


Do they miss me at work?


I cross over a small, pure, dry hill

I donít care anymore

Fuck it!



My nose burns and I donít care

I hate the coke but it tastes horrible

My car is unlocked and I donít care

Some day the will find me here

Alone with my bones


The jellyfish roams around so light and airy

The sunís rays glide with oblong movement through the coral


A scandalous character that I meet night after night

My life in review is highly unimpressive

They say: Youíre intelligent

They say: You are talented

They say: Youíre doing a good job

They say: You are funny


But, um, you dumb mother fucker, there is a huge fucking difference....

Between the real me and whatever it was I, um, was talking about. 




Tiffany, April or Rachel in the Moonís Good Graces

Scouring gaunt and fleshy scenes

I worry about my mind


Forget about a soul that lost a love in a domed prison

Forget about a tree that stopped growing

Forget about a lustful meadow where the children no longer romp


Give me one last shot at red hot love with a like-mind

Give me a project where I work and feel needed


Give me a silk sheet to drape over my head late in the evening as

The wind blows cool and lively slivers of nature cross my face with the killer instinct


Let the heat in my body lovingly clash with the night wind

Let there be a young woman in a porcelain hand capture my heart

Let their be spooning, an embrace and a tussle under the silk




The Lid on the Ocean

At the top of a mountain with the world at her feet,

She strived for dominance with grit and no fear of defeat;

Her lovely intelligence propped up with fanfare

Served to destroy a past life that was bare;

With the coming trees and pastures of gold,

She was no longer reminded of the troubles of old;

A foot on the ground kicked at the sand;

Comfortable lips separated as she ran.


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