Gwendolyn Bork





Unveil the truth to me, let me see
Speaking these words to you so softly and meek
I know that this could be the start of an undesired
Undisclosed information amidst the smoke in ones
darkest hour

Who do you think receives the light, catching it
amongst the dark clouds you see tonight?
I do!  If only you could hear me like you hear vowels
in the air, time to care
Every flame that doth dance across the sea,
Every  heart worn on every sleeve,    every child that
sings to me...
    I can see,  and nothing is never unnoticed.
There is always a time that comes when change acts
like an accomplice

I need you like I need air
Breathing so slowly a sunset from your solar flare.
Metamorphosing, intermingled and bare;
wishing to be in the clouds to see the day that is
Holding on to every  seed in my hand, untouchable
untouchable land.
(Drowning in tears are you?
A vast pool filled to the brim, unable to move)
(Swallowed in self-pity and scared from the world
I fair thee well for I have come out to play)

A long road I have traveled coming from the worst,
my feet are swollen and my sight is a blur.
Desperately searching for the oasis that is a reality,
a truth;
Desperartely singing till my voice grows hoarse and my
vocal chords won't move.
All I need is you!!
The you that is watching me like the sun, and at night
the moon.

If you do not reach out your hand how can I save you
from the dust?
The dust that won't settle when the earth is a kettle
and its' handle swallowed in rust?
Call my name and I'll be there, sing it, sigh it, weep
it inbetween the tears that flow.
I know that along the road when you were tired I
carried you where you doth not go.
(A tree to the soil, the temperature to boil, the
relationship between mother and child.
The moon and the sun, for two have become one, the
city in Heavan has a tile.)
(The warm breeze when you sleep, the thought that
comes from a place far.
Not as far as you think for just beyond that brink,
lies a place due north by the star.)

I do not know the things that have cut me down.
I was brought here to live, and to live life free from
Mixed together paint, confusing canvases, how do you
expect me to see beyond this landscape?
I am inside the city of strife, residing with no
light, and no food to fill my plate.
You were the ones that have lead my down this winding
an undeserving twist of fate and society stole me of
my clothes.
I wish to be free and to live life where I choose my
own destiny.
Wanting and yearning, the wind whispers of burning, I
only wish to be free!!
(A sacrificial element thrown away to decompose.
Coloring the grass from velvet green to a glassy rose.
Intermingling element burrowing safe from harm,
the sound so distinct yet muffled, the screaming of
(A hole that exists between Earth and space, swimming
so slowly in place, where did it come from?
The thoughts that exist while you are awake, and the
pictures that simultaneously come.)
You are the ones that I have seen by day and heard of
when the sun drops to make it night. 
You are the ones that I have watched and observed,
imitating every move and signature sigh.
One day I won't ask for answers on why things are this
way and that.
I will only go on what I have watched and seen,
mimicking is the way that I act.
Show me where to go my me where to go!!

(Penetrating hard, forcing down every brick.
Climbing through the crevasses those narrow and those
that are thick.
Lighting every tunnel that sleeps depths and depths
seeping its' way, cloaked and most gifted, to where
your dreams doth flow.)
I can hear your voice, for those of you that are
calling upon me.
I have already dispatched the ones with might and
forced your enemies to flee.
With every star in the galaxy, every grain of sand;
compare it to a molecular ton and multiply it in
Now can you see the amount of love that I have sent
from millenia's away?
Take out love and replace it with faith for those of
you that have gone astray.
Seal the envelope containing all your things of the
Toss it, tear it, destroy it, devour it, extinguishing
the flames permanantly fast.
Disappeared for you shall see, believe in me for it
was you that I doth create.
Gone like the cloud of smoke that lingered till the
wind forced it to separate.
Through this the war will be won.

Was that my heart that I felt so piercing in my chest?

I thought I was at rest, but now my soul has been
Some form of contest? No, it cannot be, I am not
ready, I have much life to live before I am taken.
What can I do but desire to be somewhere else?
A long time forgotten, a long time to be opened this
regretable mess.
(Mind revealing, so upheaving, an ounce of blood in
the blanket of snow.
The desolate sound of night, the midst of another
fight, a drop of water frozen to the temple.)
(BIrds in migration, a time of contemplation, symbolic
leaves turning from brown to gold.
The sun hits the horizon not falling its' rising,
warming everything it touches from the cold.)

The surface you strain for gasping for air.
(Not alone, nor deserted)
(Not stayed, nor converted)
                   ...........searching for

Destined to take you away, hold onto me, for you I
will save.

Unreachable Earth, irreplacable time;
                               Give me your heart and
I will give you mine............            
WRITTEN BY: Gwendolyn A. Bork
        This was written out of complete passion for
everyone on the entire Earth.  You need to know that
the goldenchild is, more or less, a representative of
the children generated from generation x.  They are
the kids that are currently being brought up and the
ones that are looking to us for guidance and most
importantly an example for life.  Here on earth is
basically using myself as an example to act as a
representative for the world.  I like to think that I
have been through most of what somebody could feel or
see.  Throughout my life I believe that I was put into
certian situations to become more knowledgable about
the world and the people that reside in it, only to
teach the lessons I have learned.  Most of all the
future leaders of the world currently exist "here on
earth", alive and well.  Beyond Gravity would be
beyond these walls of flesh.  The what else of what's
out there.  The force that controls our thoughts and
guides us through the interconnection of peoples. 
Beyond Gravity is the spirit that resides in us and
controlls our heart and soul....for how do we truly
know what the truth is without it?  All I know is
that beyond gravity is something far more exciting
than this life.  The fact that there was a begining
and there is an even bigger end, I am compelled from
the emotions inside me, my sub-conscious, to try to
explain the things that could be in store for us.  I
was taken over at about 2 a.m. one morning and didn't
stop writing until 7 a.m., not until all four pages
were complete and the force inside me let my mind
rest. Please believe me when I say that I have been
through and through and all I want is to feed your
soul with the possibility that through love is life
and for those who choose not to feel are those chosen
to be the fool.

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