Doug Tanoury


Five Poems By Doug Tanoury



The Jade Vagina


I watched the sunrise today

Reflected in the many panes of glass skyscrapers

That rise majestic and monolithic like tree covered mountains

That mark the far side of the harbor and form

The crowded skyline that is Hong Kong


And in the mirrored mosaic of articulated glass

White clouds slowly drift across blue sky

And dirty white high-rises stand shoulder to shoulder

Back to back and side to side their images mingled

distorted and smudged like an impressionist landscape


In the background the green waters of the harbor open

Like a jade vagina before the phallic shapes of glass

Stone and steel that rise wide and erect to penetrate

The morning and hide the green hills and the squalor

Of the run down apartment buildings in mirrored gray




With Oranges


I thought today of her awakening

Her movements a shadow

In the predawn darkness

A phantom floating

No more than a chimera of shape

A nude that Picasso might sketch

No more than a few sloping lines that curve

Toward soft inclines and rise gently

Toward feathered intersections

And fall toward full divergence

Backlit in silhouette from the bedroom window

Her breasts and buttocks

The simple elegance of lines in

Erotic waves and fluid motion


And as she moves near

I smell the citrus of orange slices

That is the fragrance and scent

That forms a perfumed wake as she passes

And the “sh” and “ch” sounds of her dressing

Are a bird’s wings flapping

A slight rustling of fabric

A finch in the shrub

I am the slave of her motion

The serf of her smells

The prisoner of her naked beauty

Who wakes each morning in bondage

To the changing shape of curves

To the texture of delicate sound

And a still life with oranges




The Wedding Poem

(For Terra)


Time upon a once I do now recall

In memory rich with childhood wonder

The fairy tales read at bedtime

And prayers said at her bedside

Now I lay me down to rest

I hope your dreams are just the best


Heaven and hell are chambers of the heart

For when I am dead I will spend eternity

Strolling through summer afternoons

A little hand in mine as we walk

And talk quite casually of birds and trees

And bumblebees burrowing deep in blossoms


Awakening to absence that is her finding

The fullness of a wonderful womanhood

That is her finding now the meaning of mature love

And living her days in a happy place of her own making

That is crafted by her own choices and

Sustained by her own hands


I sing now no more in half whispers

My tenor rising just above the organ notes

The Kyrie and Agnus Dei

The Sanctus and Benedictus

My prayers of happiness are sung

For Latin is the language of heartfelt love


Walk once more with me down the nave

Toward the altar of this country church

Awash in the color of stained-glass light

My chest that rises and falls with each breath

Is a warehouse of fervent worship

As I walk with her toward her life




Greek Echo


(A Hollywood Park Poem)


I see her naked

With my eyes closed

Each breast a half peach

And the cheeks of her ass

Symmetrical hemispheres

A sliced melon


I can touch her

Deeply in my dreams

Her flesh feels firm

Yet soft like ripe mango

And the taste of kiwi

Lingers on my tongue


I can see the smell

Of her moving like

A shadow around me

A flicker of motion

A flash of movement

That is Venus waking




Red Beans on Rice


Freckles sprinkled lightly

Over the whiteness

Of pale and perfect skin

Like spice spilled

Across a tablecloth

I imagine them seasoning

And added flavor

To the milk and cream

Of arm and leg


Hair like new copper

Wavy and full that falls across

The virginity of bare shoulders

And the snow covered hills

That is her naked ass

A Pre-Raphaelite vision

A shivering Ophelia

Whose color calls to mind

Red beans on rice


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