Charles Joeseph Smith



                       A GET-WELL MESSAGE


Ive heard that you got sick;


I dont like it when this happens to me.


But you will get well soon and quick,


Like the barren tree that sprouts out as many green leaves


     as you can possibly see.


Try to say to your self that you had enough


Of your illness that relentlessly you annoys.


Think of a new light that pulls you from your ailing rough,


Leading you to wellness by emotions that turn from tears to joys.


































                        A LADY NAMED DELIA


Suppose there was a lady named Delia,


Who was a nom de plume for Aurelia.


She would always shop in the heart of Madrid,


Saying to herself, This was what I always did.



But this Delia would do something new,


She would go to the Prado, where the paintings of Goya were in




And when he went inside the big famous museum,


She saw her Spanish friend, and said, Why do I see him?



They then met each other, and it seemed like an echo,


For their friendship reverberated as they went inside the room of


    El Greco;


But her friend said, I really want to see the works of Goya,


Then we can go later to the corrida and really enjoy ya!



As Delia and her friend left the Prado,


They did not ever think of the word desperado.


For Delias friend became quickly compatible without any doubt,


And Delia herself said, Hes so friendly; not any shyness from


    him came out!



Three years later, they finally tied the knot,


And Delia was in profound love with him as they kissed a lot;


One year later, she had a baby named Maria Colon,


And a family began emerging;  he and Delia are now on their own.



                          A NAME RECIPE


To make a Linden,


Take my name called


Charles Joseph Smith,


And change it into Jacobsen.


Then to it add Linden,


In front of Jacobsen.


And spice up with Lamar


In front of Jacobsen.


Mix them all together.


And you get my pen name:


Lamar Jacobsen Linden.
































                          A TASTE OF FRANCAIS


The feeling of creating a coup de grace


Has no relation with what Im saying maintenant.


I wish for a fille to come to me, vis-a-vis,


So I can create amour, my great de rigueur.



But what if I cant? What if I cant recognize my own savoir-




Im afraid my loving would become passe as a cliche,


Even if I wear a la mode fashions...


Id then end up in douleur and disgrace. Cest dommage!



































                         A NAME SO NOBLE


Charles Joseph Smith


Is a name so noble


That my lively music


Sounds so hopeful.















































                         COMPOSING AN OPERA


To try to tell it lucidly,


I feel so serious about music


When I think of composing an opera.




Because I know that in opera,


Singing and music are either subservient to one another,


Or they join together.


I have seen short operas and long operas,


But I have yet to complete my own,


I have a deep love for music--so much


That I am redy to match my music


Either with someones libretto or my own libretto.


I know that it could be better to do the latter,


Just like the Italian-American Gian-Carlo Menotti did.


I know also that opera is lart de grandeur--


Greater than the symphony, greater than chamber music,


For it uses almost all of the fine and visual arts.


This art is filled with theatrics, with singing, with song.


And only a Broadway musical could surpass the vastness of opera.


But I just dont care about it--I love to compose opera,


And I wont give up on doing it until the very end.


Who knows...I might become the next Mozart, Monteverdi, Rossini,


    Puccini, or Wagner,


For composing opera will become my greatest love.





                     CHARLES JOSEPH SMITH


My name is Charles Joseph Smith.


My name is so noble for some of my ladies,


For it is so lively with flair,


And this name makes me give a lot of my talents with everything


    that I share.



Thats why Charles Joseph Smith is a name very alluring!









































As in final exams.


Boy! I am so tired


Of that trite college routine,


Of those tests that are


Harder then midterms,


With about 40 to 50 percent of my semester grade


On the line,


Every semester...


Every college semester.


I dont care if the finals are


Essay exams,


Or multiple-choice exams,


Or take-home exams,


Or short-answer exams,


Or true or fase exams...


I dont care.



They make me cram;


They make me procrastinate;


They make me work like a lamb


Until them I hate and hate


And become irate!



They are my arch rivals--


Those darn exams that are called finals!






Although Gina is away from my sight,


I am still listful for you...


Listful for your levity.


Listful for your smile,


Listful for your way of laughing,


Listful for your delightfulness in your face,


And finally,


Listful for the person I can recall,


And I can see all,


See all of you...


Just like the colored trees of fall.


This is why I am listful for Gina...


And I am still listful for you.


























Just take a look at this beautiful linden--


That beautiful linden named Gina Helen Wilson.


She is just like a woman full of gaiety,


Always showing with hairstyles of variety.


She is like the coool breeze from the lke,


That makes all fears no more quiver and shake;


And within her is a flair of the debonair.


Just like when self-guidance leads to a great air.


Her name reminds me of my missing friend Katrina,


But she might always be the one and only Gina.


I take a good look at this woman--so alive with levity,


And resembling not so much a Pygmalion--but she does have a


    cheerful, spring-like longevity.


She is the one who loves the humor inside of her,


And has all the liveliness--most of it gentle, which she can to


    others allure.


So highly I think of this person


That I feel like spring is around me in full season;


But just like that linden tree that comes without reason,


I do not know exactly why there is a real Gina Helen Wilson,


Nor do I know exactly why there is a beautiful linden inside Gina


    Helen Wilson.










                   GIVE ME JUST A LITTLE LOVE


Give me just a little love,


For I need it soon.


This word of likefulness


Makes me feel just more than good...


It makes me dream a lot--


Not in the realm of a polyglot,


But in the realm of a debonair,


Which gives me for love a savoir-faire.


Although I had many friends make,


I still feel as if Im a black window shade;


Because of this, I want to turn into a white dove


Who could sing an amorous tune,


And also turn a domestic quarrel between man and woman


Into a lovely kiss.


I would then call myself, The Living Thing With a Good Mood.


But I cant! I will still need social support,


Even if I cant turn into a dove, I need some rapport


To try to purge or countevail the stresses Im dreaming of,


And to help my two hands feel relaxed as if Ill turn them


Into one big huggable glove.


Therefore, give me what I cant see below or above---


Please, give me just a little love.












If I had to live without my father,


I would have only myself to bother.


I love to do what I want! I would utter,


And live my life without the other,


Except for the girl I want to love now;


That would feel as silky as butter.


I would then make to her a very great vow,


To marry the person Ill wish to with love fetter,


And make amorous passion as strong as shell allow.


Despite turning myself this way into a father,


Probably my life and hes will both become better.
































                    I SING YOU AN ELEGY


I sing you an elegy


Of sadness and madmess;


Because of my lamenting,


So painful and unrelating,


I cannot even think of you


When you are away from me,


So far away from me!



I wish for you to remember me


And remember my name.


For its you I want to see...


For I missed you, my dear.
































                     ILL COME TO SEE GINA


Although she is not really a laughing hyena,


I long for that light-hearted girl whose name rhymes with Katrina.


After all of my work is done, I will be seeing ya--


For I am Charles Joseph Smith, and Ill come to see Gina.














































                      I WANT TO DANCE AGAIN


I want to dance again,


Because I am so down.


I want to dance again,


So I wont become vain.


I want to dance again,


All over again.


I want to dance again---


Perhaps with a lady a night gown.







































If I were named


Lamar Jacobsen McGowan,


I think I would get


My music goin


With all my musical talent


I will be showin;


And all of my blood


Will be flowin,


With my songs Im owin.


To put it simply--


If I were


Lamar Jacobsen McGowan,


That name


Would keep my music growin.




























I believe from my deepest heart


That from all of the other names


I do know,


Perhaps the most sophisticated


Is Jacqueline--


Jacqueline, I say again,


Whether one Jacqueline is hecklin with the nickname Jacklyn,


Or another Jacqueline who has the nickname Jackie,


Which sounds as sharp as Beverly.



But Jacqueline sounds to me more enthusisiastic


And makes me so ecstatic.


The name sounds like a play famouly dramatic--


Even I cant forget that hame


Of a woman that is so feminine


As so beautiful and so wonderful like Jacqueline.

























Just take a look at yourself,


For you are a debonair woman!


I said, just take a look at yourself,


For you are a delightful woman!


You are that wonderful person inside of yourself,


And that yourself is that remarkable Italian name--


Ms. Manetti--Marina Margherita Manetti!


Boy! That name sounds so good to me...


So take a look at yourself in the mirror,


Say the name Jamie, and smile,


And you will feel a lot, lot better!


























Somethimes I think of LaChandra


Everytime she sees me


With her friend Misty.


I think of them so gaily,


As if I recall them daily.


But beautiful


Is the name LaChandra.


Dont call her Sandra


Or Cassandra!


I say to myself.




Sounds much better.


And my tears become wetter


As to her I try to write a letter.














                    LIVE A LITTLE, MY LOVE


Live a little, my love.


Live a little, my love.


Live a little, my love


Because I miss you with distaste!



Do it now!


I want you and you will see me already!



In my dreams, I think of my lover


That I lost;


And for this, I am so alone,


And I cry every day.



Live a little, dear lover!


O, live a little, my lover now!


Live a little, my important friend!


O, live a little, now!


It does not matter if you are here or more over there.










                         MARY MITCHELL

Just take a look at Mary!

Take a look at Mary Mitchell--

That singin lady whos not too hairy

And looks much more beautiful than scary.

I can remember this woman of desire--

Her desire of being just the way she is.

Something I can hear in my dreams Marys voice in my ear,

And I think its Mary itself who is so clear!






                    MY FINGERS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL


My fingers are so beautiful,

And so bountiful,

And so wondeful!

These fingers are so mild

Just like a lovely child

Who tends to be wild.


My fingers are so beautiful.

And so likable,

And so reliable,

Just like a pet needing some pattin,

And a woman I cant ever sadden--

As long as these things happen.


                          MY JUANITA


Youre so beautiful, youre so bountiful;

Youre so wonderful, my dear Juanita.

I like your vivacious face; I like you lively grace;

I like giving you an embrace, my dear Juanita.

Juanita, you are a woman divine;

Juanita, you are a woman so fine:

Juanita, you are the flower of my soul--

That joyful flower that makes me grow.

Now listen to me, Juanita, mi linda; listen--

Listen to me play with so much feeling and so much love,  

even with me youre missin!

Youre so beautiful youre so bountiful,

Youre so wonderful, my dear Juanita!





                        ONE LADY AND THE OTHER LADY


There is a lady called Megan,

And there is a lady called Anne.

One wants to be so lively;

Another wants to be a little quiet.

One has lots of jewelry;

Another does not have that much.

One has a thin, high voice;

Another has a thick, low voice.

But there is still more to Megan and Anne,

So I still remember them as much as I can.


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