Charles Joeseph Smith



Lydia Flores--Act 1

(Background flamenco music begins, and 30 seconds later, the
curtain rises.)

At rise: Carlos apartment room. One wall near stage right shows a
big picture of Lydia Flores; near stage left, a window
that seems to be letting in the sunlight. In the center
is a bed, with blue linen and a red cover, where Carlos
sleeps on already as lights fade in. He wears a red-and-
brown striped shirt and blue jeans. A pair of black
dance shoes is on the left side of the bed, and on the
right side. there is a green nightstand with a telephone
on it.

(Phone rings, and flamenco music fades out. Carlos wakes up and
answers it.)

Diga. Who is this?

Hola, Mr. Carlos Lolo. Come esta? My name is Lydia Flores...but
you can call me Little Lola. Do you remember me? I miss you
very much. I love you highly because you are a real person.
(At this point, Carlos feels astounded.) I have known you for
over 5 years. You letters to me were beautiful, wonderful, and
romantic.(Carlos grins and is still astounded.)You are so lucky
to have me as your lovely latina...ay, ay, ay! You should always
remember what the Spanish phrase, te quiero mucho. Guess what that

CARLOS(reluctant in speech)
I love you very much?

LYDIA(with enthusiasm)
Si! Thats right. You should be proud of yourself...

CARLOS(feeling a passion burst)
Now Im feeling it. This is making me say amor, amor, amor!

The last time I saw you was at a Latin dance party. You were highly gifted
in your dancing. I can remember when you and I
danced the salsa, which you did very well...

CARLOS(about to be sad)
O, Dios mio! I am feeling as if I am going to cry...Oh, my Lydia,
Oh, my Lydia...

Lydia Flores--Act 1

No te preocupes. Dont let you worries about me keep you from having your

Boy...that means life in Spanish.

I can also remember in the dance party when you sang to me the
song La Bamba. It made me so special. It brought out the mujer
in me...Let me get off the phone. I have to sneeze.

(Carlos takes the receiver from his mouth but does not hang up
yet. The receiver ends up at chest level.)

CARLOS(recalling his Spanish prowess)
Let me see, mujer means woman, wich also reminds me of dama,
which means lady, and chica or muchacha, which means girl.

(Carlos lets the receiver come near his mouth again.)

You are an hombre who is also sincere, debonair, loving, and caring.
Therefore, I want you for the rest of your life.

What does that mean?...I hope you are still the same Little Lola that I
saw before.

Let me tell you something very important to you. I know that your
espanol is very good and I like that. Now can you respond to this
phrase. It goes something like this...

Whats that, Lydia?

Quieres casarte conmingo?

O my gosh, O my gosh!(He then shouts in the utmost ecstasy.)
That means, Will you marry me?

Please, por favor, say yes. I want you because my desire for you is very
big. Do it for me, please?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

Lydia Flores--Act 2

Place: Mexico City
Time: Morning, present

At rise: The sound of background flamenco music occurs. Carlos
stands up, stationery, as Lydia dances sensually around
him, occasionally touching him as if she was doing the
rumba with him. Lydia is wearing a long red dress that
goes down to her ankles. She always makes eye contact to
them, flirting with her long red dress to her advantage.

LYDIA(singing to Carlos)
Oh, ah, luh luh luh luh lah, loh lah loh lah lah lee lah,
Oh, ah, luh loh luh loh lah, lee lah loh loh lah lee hah.
Ay, yah yah yoh yah yoh yoh, ay, ay ay ay;
Ay, yoh yah yuh yah yoh yuh, ay ay ay ay;
Ay, yoh yah yoh yah yuh yuh, ay ay ay ay,
Ay, yay yoh!

O, my Carlos. let me sing and dance
For doing this makes you so happy.
O my Carlos, let me sing and dance--
It makes us delightful and quite laughy.

Viva la romanza y el amor...
Thats what I say; it is you I adore.
Viva la romanza y el amor...
That means long live romance and love--
And we need it much more!

(The flamenco music stops and Lydia leads him to sit down on the side of

Did you like my music?

CARLOS I could have heard some Mexican rancheras.

I dont like rancheras. Theyre too boring. The only ranchera I
like is La Negra. It goes fast and I like it that way.

I do like some of those songs, but I sometimes forget those darn
words. They sometimes resemble old, boring country songs...

Basta, mi lindo! Now lets talk about a word that suits most
mexicanas like me good--la lindeza, or prettiness. Good palabra.

Lydia Flores--Act 2

Prettiness? What do you mean, Little Lola?

Do you think that the Mexican ladies are more beautiful than the
Venezuelans, or the Venezuelan ladies more beautiful than the

I guess that I am a little shy to...

LYDIA(extending her hands)
Vamos. Answer me. I dont care about the Venezuelans being or more
beautiful. Quiero a tu opinion.(Pause.)

Probably the Mexicans are more beautiful, Little Lola.

Your answer has made me much more..sensual to me. The way you say it makes
me want to dance with me more often.

Now I got your lovely mujer...Thats you!

(She points on you.)

Maybe...maybe we should get married. I have no other hombre to
confide on.

(Carlos is preoccupied.)

Why are you saying this? I dont yet have plans to marry.

You should now. I love you very much.

I dont want to be rushed into it, Little Lola.

(Lydia accosts Carlos closer and caresses him. Carlos tries not
to recoil, but gets nervous.)

Thats what you think. But you will miss out on my love. You know,
mi amor, tu amor, nuestro amor, esto es todo amor! Do you see?
So marry me.

Lydia Flores--Act 2

You may love me, but marriage is not for everyone.

I dont care about divorce. Marriage is my way of saying that
my amorous things are within me and yours are within you.

In my country, where I was born, a divorced woman loses a lot. I
heard of severe depression, loss of work, worsened credit ratings,
resentment, guilt, and even loss of income and suicide from some
divorced ladies. I dont know what your country says about divorce
so do you know...

Forget it! I focus only on the positive effects of marriage and
I would never talk about any negative ones.

I had it with you! I dont want to deal with you, so Im leaving!
(Carlos tries to leave on stage left, but Lydia blocks his way
in front. They begin to struggle by pulling on each other.)

You mean you don't care about me? You should say sorry...

(Carlos throws her to the ground and is cross, pointing his finger
at her. Lydia starts to break out in tears, trying to shun him.)

I care about commitment, you easy-to-love dama mexicana, and Im
the jefe when it comes to this. But you rush too fast and you make
a bad impression on me. Let that be a lesson for you.

LYDIA(kneeling in supplication)
You me I have to go and find another woman to love?

Yes! You have to do so! Im going back to Chicago. Adios, para
siempre, Lola!(Carlos runs and exits stage left. Lydia gets up and
intends to chase him but changes her mind. She starts to cry, as
she stands at stage center. Long pause.)

O, Dios mio. O, Dios mio. This is my big...despedida.(With head
erect and still crying, she turns to stage right, and exits
walking to stage right. Lights fade out slowly.)

--End of Play--


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