Ashley Cook


Untitled II

Meet me at the ďHĒ hotel
We have reservations at midnight
The makings of feathered minds
Iíll be expecting you...

Sign in at the front desk
A message
The bottle from which it came
Where are you?

The ice melts
My eyes turn to water
I stole all the towels and left
Yet, I donít care
The shower isnít the same without you.


Painted Pride

Streaks of printed pain
Oiled up bones within
A book of the kitchen sink
We mixed emotions
Like lions in a pasture
We turned our heads to
Pray upon the mice
Watercolor fields
Drip dry after it rains
Pour my soul into
A bowl of black and white
With every stroke of
Gray in between


Cheesy Romance Pg. 9

We drank Ďtill 4:35 am
Sex lasted a little less than an hour
I love you
I breathe in your ear
You whisper the lyrics of the
Song on the radio
I melt
Iím safe in your arms
Sheltered from fears
That are non-existent as
I lotion up your cock
So hard
I wrap my legs around your body
Like scissors the night before Christmas
You unwrap me like Iím the first
Present of the morning
I know you love me
I know you care deeply
I never want to leave you
The mere thought makes my
Eyes drip with sadness
We slept finally around 5:21 am


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